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Triangle Math and Science Academy (TMSA) is an approved K-12 charter school in Wake County under North Carolina Charter School Law. TMSA opened in Fall 2012 with 272 students in grades K-6 and will ultimately serve over 700 Wake county students. TMSA public charter school, like all other charter schools is a tuition-free public school and is privately governed by a non-profit corporation. TMSA has an open enrollment with no discrimination, no religious association, and no tuition.

Like its currently functioning, very successful and highly demanded sister charter school Triad Math and Science Academy, Triangle Math and Science Academy employs an inquiry-based curriculum, which is research-based and has been proven through extensive field studies across the nation. These studies showed that the curriculum has improved student learning and has been found appropriate for all student populations, including at-risk of academic failure and academically-gifted students. TMSA offers free after-school and weekend tutoring programs for students who are in need of extra help to pass their classes and tests and will prepare its students for regional, statewide, national, and international competitions such as Math Counts, American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), Science Fairs and International Science Olympiads.


The mission of Triangle Math and Science Academy (TMSA) is to prepare students to become competent, responsible and successful individuals in our globalized and technology-based society through a strong academic program, school-family-community partnerships, and strong teacher-student relationships. The purpose of TMSA is to provide a high quality and enriching educational experience that targets 21st century outcomes for elementary, middle and high school students in Wake County. As a result, students will be equipped with strong core knowledge and higher-order skills, including critical and creative thinking, problem solving, effective communication and collaboration skills. In order to meet six legislated purposes of NC Charter School law TMSA will: implement well-defined curriculum, supported by research-based best practices and off the shelf curriculum and with a strong emphasis on mathematics and science through technology integration, build strong school-family-community-college partnerships, create a safe, nurturing, engaging, caring and culturally-responsive learning environment, and facilitate strong teacher-student relationships. Core values of TMSA are responsibility, respect, resilience, diversity, courage, and industriousness. Fundamental to our mission is commitment to active involvement of students, competent and caring staff and leadership, innovative and effective teaching strategies, and striving for academic excellence for all students. 

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