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TMSAtalks Session: The Power Of The Word ‘NO’

By Rahul Bhatia

As part of our continuing series of presentations at TMSAtalks, we had a first-year business student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dhvani Bhatia give a presentation on “The Power Of The Word NO” on November 14th 2016 for our High School Students.

Dhvani Bhatia was earlier selected from about 250 applications to be one of 12 speakers at TEDxRaleigh in March to present on above topic. While she was the youngest speaker at the event, her message had universal appeal.

During her presentation at TMSA, she explained why we should stop interpreting NO as rejection and start using the word as a push to apply creative thinking.

She also gave some tips on how to prepare for college admissions in the area in the later part of the presentation.

Here are some of the key points from her presentation:

  • 100% of us have failed. It can be disheartening when you put all your effort into something, do everything right and are confident of success, only to be told “NO.”
  • You could give up and cry about it, go back and make a similar attempt or step back and take another route.
  • What’s important in these situations is that you don’t give up and don’t assume that trying harder using the same methods will yield better results.
  • Instead, stepping back and exploring other ways to achieving our goal, or using another innovative way to get around can help you move forward.
  • Sometimes even noble intentions can face practical obstacles, but being passionate about serving the community and determined to make a difference will lead to success.
  • As students with high aspirations, we should be ready to face rejection and every time we hear a NO we should see a new opportunity.
  • So the word NO can become a symbol of power for all of us to be even more determined and convinced about our ideas and go forward with even more vigor towards our goal.

    Link to her presentation in March for TEDxRaleigh:

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