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Mrs. Newkirk's Weekly Update

We have have a great week at TMSA! is getting chilly out and we have a lot of jackets and other items with no names in lost and found.

Please ensure you write your child's name on their items and I will do my best to return them.

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From the Desk of Mrs. Wood

Dear TMSA Parents-

I have been sending emails to all parents asking for updated information.  If you haven’t received my email, then it will come soon.  I am asking for updates, one grade at a time so I will not be flooded with emails.

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SMART Boards Are Here!

What is a SMART Board?  How will it change my child's educational experience?  This article will explain these questions and more.

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First Grade on the Farm

Last week, first grade took their first field trip to Hillridge Farms. We had such an exciting time going through a maze, running on a giant pile of hay, playing in a large container of corn kernels and going down a giant slide.

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Mousetrap Cars in Science Class

Mousetrap Cars in Science Class

Students who are in Mr. Pamuk’s class have been learning about Forces and Motion. Students gained a lot of knowledge and experience from great deal of experiments and hands-on activities.

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Principal's Corner


Dear TMSA Parents,

We had our flag raising ceremony on Wednesday, October 23. I would like to thank NJHS members for organizing the ceremony.

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4th and 6th Grade Social Studies Websites

Dear TMSA Parents,

After listening to your suggestions and a ton of work, I can proudly present to you the class websites. Please go check them out and explore the sites. I have posted class notes and a lot of other valuable information. They are still new, and I do need to add a lot of information up there for you.

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4th Grade Project

Dear TMSA Family,

For the past month, my fourth grade Social Studies class has been working on their projects. They choose an Attraction in North Carolina and researched it.

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This Week in Music

Dear TMSA Family,

     During our past week in music class, students were introduced to a unique new method for ear training, and also ventured into more difficult vocal music.

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Maintain, Don’t Gain This Holiday Season

This holiday season, stuff the turkey, not yourself!  Many Americans gain between 1 and 5 pounds each holiday season. While it may not sound like much, most people never manage to lose these extra pounds.

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