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TMSA PTO Newsletter

Here is the 1st PTO Newsletter for the school year 2013-14. The newsletter details all the PTO  activities that have taken place in the school in this academic year, and also lists out the upcoming events.

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TMSA PTO Bake Sale

TMSA students look forward to the bake sale organized by TMSA PTO.

Items can be home made or purchased at the store. If the product contains any allergens, please list them. You can package them such that no item costs more than $1. For the pricing ease, each item is $0.50 or $1. 

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Roller Coaster Project in Science

Roller Coaster Project in Science Class

The 7th grade students in Mr. Pamuk's science class has been hard at work learning about different aspects of force and motion.  To wrap up this unit, these 7th grade students created a roller coaster out of k-nex pieces.

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Music at TMSA

Dear TMSA Family,

We are completing another successful week in music, with all grade levels taking important steps in musical learning.

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TMSA 1st Annual Run

TMSA First Annual 5k/3k/1k Run/Walk

On Oct 27th, 2013, TMSA PTO held the first annual walk/run. More than 200 students/parents showed up at the event that was held at Green Hope Soccer field.

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Mrs. Newkirk's Weekly Update

Happy November TMSA Family!

I would like to let you know we have started an empty inkjet, laser printer cartridge and small electronic recycle program!  There is a box in the reception area for convenient drop off.  TMSA will receive credit to purchase items for our school with the donations. 

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Nature Walk

This week 2nd graders went on a nature walk to make observations.

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From the Desk of Mrs. Wood

Dear TMSA Parents-

I want to start off by saying "Thank you" to all of our volunteers!  You have been a huge help in making TMSA succeed. 

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Zero to the zero power - Is 0^0=1?

Dear All,

We have been having very good time in Algebra 1 classes. It is going very smooth and fun. In one of the lesson, we have discussed "What is the zero to the zero power? Is it 1,0, or undefined?" Some students brought impressive proof.   

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Principal's Corner

Greetings Tigers!

Students were assigned their lockers on Thursday. Starting from Monday, backpacks are not allowed in the classrooms except the last period.   Now that we have lockers, rolling backpacks are not allowed at our school anymore since they are a trip hazard.

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