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Principal's Corner

We had a great award ceremony on Tuesday. We were all amazed with the number of students received Principal’s Honor Roll. Academic teams were also recognized for their accomplishments in the first semester.

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Math Counts Results

Math Counts Results 

Dear All,

TMSA’s Math Team competed at the regional level of Math Counts. There were more than 200 students from 30 schools. TMSA competed with schools  from Durham, Chapel Hill and Wake County. We received 11th place among these schools.

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TMSA Sudoku Contest

Math teachers are organizing a Sudoku competition for 4 through 7 grade students. 

Some Sudoku puzzles were printed and distributed to students for a training at the beginning of February. The packet had four different levels; super easy, easy, normal, and hard. 

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From the Office of Mrs. Kennebrew


Hello Parents!  

I would like to provide updates on catering.  Also, I would like to revisit our dismissal times and locations.

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Science Olympiad on the News

Science Olympiad is on the News

Dear Parents,

You cannot imagine how lucky  I feel with your support, we made it to State Level and hopefully we can make it to Nationals as well. I believe that we will write history again.

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From the Desk of Mrs. Wood

TMSA Tiger Families-

A few things to remember:


Please do not park in the front parking lot.  Ms. Gomez uses the front parking lot for PE.  The safety of our kids comes first.  If there are cones set across the carpool lane – DO NOT pass them.

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Student and Teacher of the Month

The Students and Teachers for the Month of February have been announced! 

The following students have been chosen by their teachers, as the students of the month: 


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January's Book-It Winners!

We have our January winners for the Book-It reading competition!

Our students have been reading their hearts out, and keeping track of the minutes that they read each day. The Pizza Hut Book-It Program has been quite a success, so far.

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2nd Grade Field Trip


  Second graders visited the City of Raleigh Museum and explored Raleigh in the past, present, and future. 

     took a half day to explore the museum and learn about the history of Raleigh, and how the city has changed over time.  During the Raleigh Past portion we focused on how Raleigh began, how it became the state capitol, as well as past and current local government.  The kids were able to have a mock city council meeting and vote.

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Question of the Week

University of Mississippi restarted to ask questions of the week. Let`s compete with students from around the world.

Questions release on Monday mornings. Please answer the questions early of the week so that you can have more points on the website. Please see the details from the link below:

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5A Challenge

How well do you know your math?  5A is currently working on rules for monomials and polynomials and they say they can explain them to anyone! I challenge everyone to have any student from 5A explain how to find the LCM and GCF of monomials! 

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Algebra: Angry Birds Paroject

My students and I have been having more fun since I created Angry Birds Project.

Each student was assigned four birds. Each bird came with its own data. They came with a graph, a table, coordinate points, and a quadratic equation. Students had to determine which bird flew the highest and traveled the longest distance.

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Anaerobic Cell Respiration by Yeast

Anaerobic Cell Respiration by Yeast

Dear Parents,

Currently,we have been learning abut types of cells, organelles and their functions with our 7A class. They understand the fact that cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism. Cells make tissues, tissues make organs and organs make the organisms.

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AMC 8 Results

AMC 8 results are announced. TMSA has got a successful results again.

Students have done very well on the contest this year. As a school, TMSA had received a certificate for being in top 50 among  competed schools. There were some students who received more than 20 right answer out of 25 questions. 

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Up and Coming Science Olympiad

Up and Coming Science Olympiad 

Up and Coming TMSA Science Olympiad Team

On February 8, 2014, Triangle Math and Science Academy Science Olympiad Team competed in the Raleigh Regional Science Olympiad competition. The team competed at the tournament with a Varsity and a Junior Varsity team including 34 students ranging from 4th to 7th grade.

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