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Future City Works Hard!

TMSA Future City Design Tiger TAILS students are working very hard to be ready for State Competition.

Each year 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students embark on a transformative experience as they ask and answer the question: How can we make the world a better place? From this simple starting point, teams spend four months imagining, researching, designing, and building cities of the future.

Students involved in the Future City Competition spend approximately four months creating cities that would exist at least 100 years in the future. Each city must incorporate a solution to a design challenge that changes each year. This year’s challenge, The Power of Public Space, asks students to design an innovative citywide system of public spaces. In January, students will present their cities before a panel of judges at Regional Competitions throughout the United States, Canada, China, and Egypt. Teams that win their regional competition (The United States only) receive airfare and hotel accommodations for five members of their team to attend the Finals held in Washington, DC, in February.

TMSA Future Cities Design (FCD) students worked very hard to complete the components of the competition. Students completed a "Virtual City (Simulator), Essay" and their "Table Top of Model and The Project Presentation." 

To support students understanding for sustainability and cycling system, TMSA organized two field trips. The first trip was for NCSU College of Design Studios. Students have had a chance to visit studios and experience a valuable Q&A session. Our students also have had a chance to visit Triangle Ecycling Center in Durham. 

"Our Special Thanks" goes to TMSA parents Mr. Novi Amuniddin, Mr. & Mrs. Adul Lateef, and Ayesha Zafiruddin; George D. Hallowell and Dr. Traci R. Rider from NCSU College of Design for giving a lecture and letting us tour in the studios; and Larry Herst, Founder of the Triangle Ecycling for letting us to visit their facility and taking their staff's time (almost two hours) to educate our students.


Future City Design Instructor



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