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School Wide Solar Panel Car Race!!

Dear TMSA Parents,


6th grade students learned about renewable energy sources, energy saving tips and energy conversion this past quarter. They understood all these skills and they even debated in class about which energy source is the most efficient, and they even made a groups presentation for 2nd and 3rd grade students with demonstrations.

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First Grade Field Trip

During the Fall season, 2nd graders well able to participate in a number of activities. The second graders joined first graders on their first field trip to Hill Ridge Farm.

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Badminton Classes with PE

Dear Parents,

 Currently, we are practicing for badminton in PE classes. Students are working as groups for practicing badminton and getting ready for the school wide badminton tournament.  4 thru 6th grade students have been helping each other to improve their  badminton skills.

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Chess Trophies

Dear All,

I have a great news for you. As a TMSA Family we have got two trophies from one of the Chess Tournament on last Sunday(10.28.2012). Darshan Raj(5th Grade) and his brother Tejas(3rd Grade)  participated in one of Chess Tournament last weekend.

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3rd Grade Science- Sound Unit

The 3rd grade has been learning all about sound this quarter.  We have completed several science experiments that involved students using tuning forks, constructing a model eardrum, making reed instruments, and now we are constructing stringed instruments. 

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My Special Number Project!

My Special Number Project!

   Recently, what we have been doing is pretty exciting. We have just finished the special number project.

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From the Office of Mrs. Wood


Things are running smoother every day, here in the office!  And a big thank you goes out to you parents for all your involvement.  You do not know how much you are appreciated!

I want to remind you that your child needs to be wearing their ID every day.

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K-3 Scrapbooking/Photography Club

K-3 Scrapbooking/Photography ClubLast week students learned the importance of zooming in.  Below are sample pictures of what our pictures looked like before we zoomed in and what they looked like after we zoomed in. 

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Upcoming Events!

            We have the AMC8 coming up very soon. All the students in math Olympiad are very excited. Also an academic picnic is planned for all the members in the academic team. The math Olympiad is able to join the NCMC contest. Join us at the picnic on October 13th and the NCMC contest!


Principal's Corner


Greetings TIGERS!

We have successfully completed our first quarter and getting close to thanks giving holiday. Academic teams are getting ready for their competitions as their deadlines approach.

I would like to let the TMSA Family know that “TIGER” was selected as school mascot after student, parent, and staff votes. Next step will be designing our school spirit shirts using our mascot.

Our students started competing in different fields and bringing in their trophies. Congratulations to Darshan and Tejas Raj who got 1st and 2nd place in a chess tournament and their coaches Mr. Yigit and Mr. Bhave.

Our building search for next school year continues. We’ve narrowed down our options and focusing on two options. Although we cannot discuss locations currently, neither one of the options are in downtown Raleigh or on eastern part of the Wake county.

Mr. Kahraman is in charge of the school’s activity calendar and has been updating on the website. Please follow the calendar for events and deadlines.

I’d like to remind the 1st grade parents that next Wednesday morning between 7am and 8am we have a breakfast together. All parents and students are invited. If you are interested you can bring food for the breakfast.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Alper Tekten


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