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TMSA IVY Leagues Colleges trip was awesome! We all have had great time and joy during the trip.The Ivy Leagues colleges are well known for their rich history, academic rigor, long-standing traditions, and deep root alumni and student network. These schools attract students from far and wide. A tour of the Ivy League allows students to visit some of the most demanded travel destinations, such as Philadelphia, PA, and Boston, MA. This tour is sure to excite college bound students for its highest academically challenging institutions and exciting educational stops along the way. 

Students have had a chance to deeply learn about MIT, Harvard, YALE, Brown, Princeton and UPENN IVY League Colleges. As well as learning and visiting the IVY Leagues colleges visit, our students have had interact with College students and faculty. During East Coast IVY Leagues Colleges trip for TMSA HS Sophomores, students have also leveraged their college visit experience with evening attractions.

We are looking to forward to have next amazing journey of college visit in 2017-2018 school year.

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