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Triad Charter School Senior Receives Acceptance from Stanford University with Full Ride Scholarship


Greensboro, NC – Monday, December 2, 2015. A local senior student from Triad Math and Science
Academy received acceptance from Stanford University with full scholarship. Ashli Fitts, a hard working
TMSA senior has just begun to receive the results of her college applications and the first one she received
was from Stanford University. Ashli received a full scholarship through the QuestBridge scholarship
program and her entire undergraduate education at Stanford University will be covered. Last year, Ashli
participated in another TMSA partnership project with Tufts University on her journey for college education.
Ashli has applied to other major universities and is expecting to receive more great news soon.
“Ashli has worked very hard and took advantage of the resources TMSA has been offering and it all paid
off.” said Mr. Kandil, TMSA Director. “Ashli has been very successful both in her regular high school
courses and also the dual enrollment courses she has been taking from GTCC for the past two years.
Considering that TMSA is only going to have its third graduating senior class this coming Spring, this
accomplishment is huge.” added Mr. Kandil. TMSA’s high school has partnerships with Greensboro College
and GTCC to allow 9th-12th grade level eligible students to take college courses and earn college credits
during the high school years.
“We are proud of Ashli. In the past, TMSA students received acceptances from UNC Chapel Hill, Duke
University, Meredith College, and Wake Forest but Ashli truly raised the bar this year.” said Mr. Zen, TMSA
School Superintendent. “I am so thankful for all the opportunities TMSA has offered to me. Way to Go
TMSA!” Ashli stated on her recent success story.
TMSA-Greensboro is a public charter school offering a rigorous STEM program and has been operating at
its full capacity since its inauguration in August 2008. Currently, we are serving around 1,150 K-12 grade
level students. TMSA is offering an accelerated curriculum where Common Core Standards are considered
as the baseline for rigor expectations.

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