Middle School School Supplies

School Supplies Grades 6-8


To be used for All Classes:

Pencil Pouch (Either box or zipper pouch is acceptable.)

2 boxes Pencils (1 to use and 1 to share with HR class

4-5 Erasers

A set of Colored Pencils

A set of Colored Markers

6 packs of loose leaf lined notebook paper (3 for homeroom teacher for community use and 3 to use in your notebooks)

5 packs of index cards (100/pack) (any color)

2 composition notebooks (the hard covered ones)

5 pocket folders (Please do not label them until teacher instruct you to.)

2 packs of graph paper (One gets turned in to your math teacher; one goes in your binder.)

2-3 Highlighters (any color)

2 packets of Post-it Notes- (3x3 in.)

Small scissors and a couple of  Glue Sticks (for projects)

Headphones or earbuds

1 GB Flash Drive


Community Supplies (Turn in to your homeroom teacher, to be shared among staff):

2 rolls paper towels; 2 boxes of tissues; either 1 box sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer; 1 pack of colored printer paper (any color), and 1 small Expo Marker Pack

Grades 6-8 NOT taking Math I or above: TIXSII Scientific Calculator

Grades 6-8 taking Math I and Above: TI 84 series calculator or TI 84 Plus graphing calculator

  And 1” binder with pockets


*Please note: Grades 6-8 teachers may request specific supplies during the first week of school if they’d like you to purchase items not already on this list.